Writing a book on the subject of assisted reproduction is an idea that always arose at the end of the countless debates (with criticism, doubts, perceptions and common questions) that we had in 2010, when we started our PhD at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra , Here.
In a scenario where technologies and science gallop up, how far can we go? What are the grounds for a possible right to assisted reproduction? Is reproductive health covered by the health under the Constitution? How to safeguard the positive reproductive rights of low-income citizens in a resource scarcity scenario? How to manage the legal risk in Reproductive Medicine? These are some of the issues that we seek to address in commenting on the CFM Resolution.
The present study is an invitation to jurists, students and professionals in medicine and scientific research in this area to know our concerns, visions and proposals for harmonization related to this fascinating world of assisted human reproduction.



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